Traveling with a Toddler: San Jose & Santa Cruz - Sesame Street

By Jennifer McHugh,

When I told our three year old we were going to see Sesame Street Live at the San Jose Civic I thought she would be really excited but she asked if the characters were real.

I told her they were and her face fell. She really didn’t want to go but I convinced her to give it a try. I let her color at the theater until the show started and she didn’t want to look when it started.

She would look up at the show and then go back to coloring, then look up at the show and go back to coloring. Each look got longer and longer until she stopped coloring entirely and focused on the show. Elmo was the main character and the word of the day was music. I think there really isn’t a better combination to hold the interest of a three year old.

She really loved the show and was talking about the story and the songs later. The theater was intimate and every seat was a great seat. There was a stroller check which was very convenient for us as we had walked there from the Fairmont.


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