WWII vet Delbert Belton beaten to death by two teens

By Daniel S Levine,

Delbert Belton, an 88-year-old World War II veteran who survived the Battle of Okinawa, was beaten to death by two teens in Spokane, Washington.

CNN reports that the retired aluminum worker was on his way to Eagles Lodge, a place he enjoyed going to to play pool, Wednesday night. Two teens apparently decided to beat him up at random and police found him in the parking lot with head injuries. He was rushed to the hospital and died Thursday.

According to King5.com, witnesses have described the teens as Afican American and between the ages of 16 and 18. One witness said she saw the teens running away from Belton’s car and saw him badly beaten.

"It does appear random," Spokane police Lt. Mark Griffiths told the media, notes CNN. It appears he was assaulted in the parking lot and there was no indication that he would have known these people prior to the assault.”

Police do have surveillance video of the suspects and are working to identify them.

“He was an Army veteran,” Glenn Longsdorff, who was Belton’s roommate, told King5. "In fact, he was shot when he was 18 years old on the beaches of Okinawa."

Ted Denison, his friend, added that, "He'll do anything in the world for anybody."

According to The New York Daily News, a friend named Betty told KXLY that, “He didn't deserve this.” She had breakfast with him that morning and said that “It's so senseless and unnecessary.”

Belton’s wife died seven years ago and he is survived by his 65-year-old son. Police ask that anyone with information call Crime Check at 509-456-2233.

UPDATE: CNN is now reproting that police did arrest a juvenile and are charging him with first-degree robbery and first-degree murder.



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