Arnold Schwarzenegger spotted kissing Heather Milligan despite rumors of getting back with wife

By Jessica Bell,

Arnold Schwarzenegger refuted all rumors of getting back together with ex-wife Maria Shriver by kissing Heather Milligan last Monday.

The couple went on a dinner date at the Fig in the Fairmont Hotel in Santa Monica, California and shared a goodnight kiss in her car afterwards, reports the Huffington Post.

Schwarzenegger has not yet finalized his divorce to Shriver, who he was married to for 25 years and has four children with. Shriver filed for divorce when she discovered that Schwarzenegger had a child with their housekeeper. Rumors have spread that the 66-year-old actor hoped to repair their marriage, and Schwarzenegger even told Fox News, "It takes a lot of time to heal those wounds and to trust each other again. But, you know, I will make every effort.”

He continued, acknowledging that he had made several mistakes and expressing his desire to make things right again. "The thing that I cherished the most, I destroyed by some stupid things that I've done. For me, it's important to kind of rebuild again, get the trust back with the kids, with my wife."

But according to Daily Mail, he has been dating Milligan for months. There's no doubt that since Shriver has heard the news of his new girlfriend, she will try to speed up the divorce process.

Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons



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