Daily Wrap of All Things for September 27: New York City Opera, George Clooney, Kirk Cameron, Nina Ricci Show, Britney Spears

By Stephanie Cano ,
Here's our daily wrap for Friday September 27

After nearly 70 years of musical productions, The New York City Opera might be nearing its final curtain call. The news comes after spokeswoman Risa B. Heller said the City Opera must raise $7 million by Monday. As it stands, the City Opera has elected to begin bankruptcy proceedings as they have only raised about $1.5 million.

The New York City Opera has been faced with financial declines since 2011 after they were forced to leave the Lincoln Center and perform elsewhere. The City Opera opened in 1944 with Puccini's Tosca.

George Clooney isn’t offering Ben Affleck any tips or advice anytime soon for the Man of Steel sequel, although Val Kilmer and Adam West have offered their support after the news of Affleck taking on the role received less-than-popular reviews.

Clooney admitted to being unqualified to comment on Affleck’s role after he “so terribly destroyed the part.” Clooney believes the Argo star is smart and will do a fine job with the role.

Inspired by the death of a teenage friend, Kirk Cameron’s latest film, Unstoppable, made $2 million on its premiere night.

The faith-based film covers issues of faith in the face of tragedy. It premiered on 700 screens and sold nearly 150,000 tickets, making history for NCM Fathom Entertainment Company.

Feminist protesters from the group FEMEN crashed the Nina Ricci fashion show in Paris Thursday. Two female protesters were topless, wearing only black skinny jeans and phrases painted on their chests. The young women interrupted the fashion show after running onto the runway screaming and grabbing at the models. Model Hollie-May Saker from Liverpool punched a protester in the nose in an attempt to defend herself.

The George Washington Library has opened on Mount Vernon with an opening ceremony on Friday. The ceremony included an opening address by David McCullough. The Library boasts meeting rooms, state of the art digital equipment and will be a place where visiting scholars can research the founding era of the country's history.

Despite rumors of Britney Spears lip-syncing during her two year stay in Las Vegas, it is now confirmed the queen of pop music will be singing live during her Britney: Pieces of Me performances.
Spears’ manager, Larry Rudolph, said she is doing choreography and vocal training every day to get her ready for nightly performances.



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