Daughter shoots and kills mother before being shot by father

By Brianna Valdez,

A Pennsylvania woman shot and killed her mother with a shotgun before being killed by her father.

On Friday night, Josephine and Jeff Ruckinger invaded the home of Josephine’s parents in Ashville, Penn., according to the San Francisco Gate.

Josephine Ruckinger shot and killed her mother, 64-year-old Roberta Frew, using a sawed-off shotgun while Jeff Ruckinger killed Frew’s son, 47-year-old John Frew Jr.

The father of the family, John Frew Sr., told police that he found his wife’s body by the front door and his son’s body in their kitchen, reports the Washington Post. He then turned on the intruders, not knowing that they were his estranged daughter and her husband.

He shot and killed both intruders in self-defense. Josephine Ruckinger was pronounced dead of a gunshot wound to her head at the Altoona hospital following the incident.

Roberta Frew’s sister, Virginia Cruse, said that the mother and daughter were not close and did not get along very well, according to the Washington Post.

She said that Josephine Ruckinger had “a hatred toward the family.”

When Ruckinger was about 20 years old, she and a boyfriend broke into her parents’ home and stole items from the home, which included the family’s pistol, before running away together to Pittsburgh. Cruse added that the family had “more or less disowned her” after the incident.

Autopsies were conducted on all the deceased Sunday morning.



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