Detroit Lions' Nate Burleson breaks his arm in car accident

By Jessica Bell,

Detroit Lions wide receiver Nate Burleson broke his arm and totalled his 2009 GMC Yukon in an accident Tuesday.

According to TMZ, the player was trying to reach a pizza box on the passenger seat when he swerved and crashed into a median.

ESPN further reports that Burleson broke his arm in two places and will undergo surgery on Wednesday. He is expected to be healed and ready to play before the end of the season, coach Jim Schwartz assured fans.

"He'll be missed," Schwartz said. "But he'll be back and he won't miss a beat."

Michigan State Police Lieutenant Michael Shaw responded to the accident, and said, "It was actually a whole pizza. He had purchased two whole pizzas, and one was sitting on top of the other one, and I guess when he was driving one of them was slipping off, and he was reaching over to push it back onto the seat and overcorrected and hit the median wall." Drugs or alcohol were not involved.

Ryan Broyles will likely have to step in for Burleson, and he is excited to have his shot again (he filled in for Burleson last year as well when he broke his right leg). "Even last year, when Nate went down then, I didn't really have much of a workload and I went in and felt like I played well, so we go out here in practice every day," Broyles said Tuesday. "It's football at the end of the day. So when guys get their shot on game day, you expect good things out of them."

The Lions and the Chicago Bears are preparing for their matchup on Sunday in Detroit.



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