Electric Zoo offers refunds, creators' club shut down in 2001 after drug deaths

By Kyle Johnson,

The Electric Zoo festival in New York has offered ticket refunds after it was forced to cancel the last day after two deaths. It’s also been revealed that the founders had a club closed after two people overdosed.

The New York City music festival was cancelled after two college students died while on MDMA. The heat and the drugs combined to cause a fatal reaction and sent others to the hospital.

The Electric Zoo website is offering a 33 percent refund for those who had a 3-Day pass and 50 percent for anyone who purchased a Friday/Sunday combo pass.

New York Daily News is reporting that Mike Bindra and wife, Laura Tigz De Palma, ran the Twilo night club where two college students overdosed in 2001. The Chelsea club was closed shortly thereafter.

A $120 million lawsuit was filed alleging that sick patrons were hidden away instead of help being called. And according to NYC officials, the club had private ambulances used to keep overdoses off the NYPD radar.

The club was closed during Mayor Rudy Giuliani’s clean-up of sales of drugs inside clubs. GHB and Ecstasy were both freely available inside the Bindra managed club until the two drug deaths that fueled the lawsuit.

image: Wikimedia Commons



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