Former NFL player's home broken into and trashed by teenagers

By Michael Scacco,

Around 300 teenagers broke into the upstate New York home of former New England Patriots lineman Brian Holloway and threw a wild Labor Day party, causing more than $20,000 worth of damage.

There was graffiti all over the house, the carpets were soaked in urine, and windows were broken. According to USA Today, 10 55-gallon garbage bags were filled with empty alcohol containers by the clean-up crew. Some of the partygoers made the huge mistake of leaving social media footprints by sharing photos from the night at the house on Twitter and Facebook. Holloway found these pictures and shared them on a website he created.

Holloway talked about the tweets he saw online from some of the kids who attended the party. "I'm looking at these tweets and they're saying, 'I'm partying with the NFL.' 'I've never seen so much alcohol in my life', 'I can't wake her up', 'Oh we're being busted. We gotta hide. Get rid of all the drugs.' " he said.

Holloway called the police but it was too late once they arrived. The damage had been done.

CNN reports that Holloway invited any of the partygoers who wanted to take responsibility for their actions to help clean up his home this week in order to help prepare for a military personnel picnic scheduled for this weekend, which is expected to have up to 1,000 in attendance. Fifty volunteers showed up to help out, but only one of them was in attendance at the wild Labor Day fiasco.

Holloway is worried about how much underage drinking and drug abuse he now realizes goes on.

"When will we see a 15-year-old in a casket from drinking and driving?" Holloway asked. "Then we'll finally ask what could we have done, and that question will haunt us."



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