Fry breaks the universe in ‘Futurama’ series finale (Video)

By Kyle Johnson,

Wednesday marks the last new episode for Futurama - unless it gets revived a third time - and shows Fry making a mess of things.

As previously reported, Futurama was cancelled for a second time, this time by Comedy Central, because of declining ratings. The current season set to end Wednesday night marks the end of the seventh and final season.

It’s been known for a long time the show would likely end on Fry and Leela’s wedding, Entertainment Weekly reports, but naturally nothing goes as planned for the two characters.

According to Zap2it, the finale has the Professor invent a time-travel device that reverses time 10 seconds with disastrous results.

Yahoo! notes that this is actually the fourth time the cast and crew thought the show was going to be cancelled. It was first cancelled back in 2003 after several seasons on Fox. Much like Family Guy, after healthy DVD sales, the show was revived, only not by Fox but Comedy Central.

They originally thought the show would return for just one season, so a finale was prepared, but not needed until now. Producer David X. Cohen says, “In my heart I feel like it really is the end.”

“Part of it is that the episode is so satisfying to me. It almost feels like we’d be wasting it if we came back again,” he added.

Will you miss the show?

Clip below:

image: Wikimedia Commons



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