Imagine Dragons play Meadow Brook Music Festival in Michigan

By Chelsea Lewis ,

Imagine Dragons have only been a band since 2008, but the road to success has not been easy for the rock-focused band. When fans stopped to look around the packed venue at Meadow Brook Music Festival in Rochester, Michigan last night, it was hard to imagine that Imagine Dragons haven’t been this popular since day one. The venue was at capacity with fans spilling into the aisles.

Members of Imagine Dragons addressed the crowd saying, “We have been overseas for a while and it’s great to be back in America.” The lights came up in the venue and the band seemed shocked at the packed audience. Even with chilly temperatures in the air, the energy was alive in the venue and the positive vibes could be felt from the front row to the edge of the lawn seating.

Being that this was one of the last shows at the summer music festival venue, fans wanted to see a great end of the season show and Imagine Dragons did not disappoint. The band took their unique rock sound and translated it effortlessly to their live show, complete with oversized drums and energy that was off the charts. Dragons performed fan favorites like, “On Top of The World” and “It’s Time.” Dragons even performed a cover of “Stand By Me.”

Most fans sang along with every song off of Night Visions, but a few people in the crowd could be over heard saying, “When will they play 'Radioactive?'”

To answer that question from fans, Imagine Dragons ended their set by performing, “Radioactive,” during which the entire audience sang along. A few concert goers might have attended the show just to hear that single, but after seeing a show full of energy and a honest performance from Imagine Dragons, fans left the venue not only loving “Radioactive,” but respecting and loving the members of Imagine Dragons as pure rock 'n' roll musicians.



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