Iowa grants gun permits for the blind

By Kyle Johnson,

Iowa has begun issuing gun permits for people who are legally and completely blind.

The Des Moines Register reports that state law doesn't allow for a gun permit denial based upon physical ability. This has created a debate over whether the blind should be allowed to carry a gun.

Jane Hudson, executive director of Disability Rights, says that denying a gun permit to the blind would violate the Americans with Disabilities act. Sheriff Warren Wethington said that the blind can be taught to shoot guns.

Dubuque County Sheriff Don Vrotsos disagrees saying he wouldn't grant a permit to a blind person.

According to CNN, some states, like South Carolina and Nebraska, require "proof of vision" when applying for a gun permit.

Jeff Smith, an assistant professor of politics and advocacy at The New School in New York commented, "At least on its face, it just seems totally absurd and absolutely in the other direction from the kind of common-sense gun safety restrictions that the president and others fought for earlier this year."

"Just because we have a Second Amendment shouldn't mean that blind people can walk around with concealed weapons," Smith added.

Where do you stand on this issue?



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