LeAnn Rimes and Brandi Glanville engage in bitter Twitter war

By Jessica Bell,

Reality TV star Brandi Glanville claimed that she was asked to appear on LeAnn Rimes' reality show, refueling the stars' long-standing Twitter feud.

Country-pop singer Rimes engaged in an affair with Eddie Cibrian while he was still married to The Real Houswives of Beverly Hills star, ending both of their marriages in order to marry each other.

According to ABC News, Rimes tweeted back in November about her stepsons – Glanville's children – and Glanville did not take it well, to say the least. Since then, the two have fought back and forth through their tweets, mostly about the young children.

This weekend, they were at it again. While Glanville claimed that she was asked to appear on the show by the producers and her ex-husband, the show maintained that Glanville actually asked them, reports The Hollywood Gossip.

A source close to Rimes explained that Glanville was aggressive in her begging to be on the show several times, even asking for a price without being offered a part on the show.

The same source said, “She can’t stand that Eddie and LeAnn haven’t responded, let alone have no interest ... I mean, why would they ever in a million years have her on their show?"

Whether the source is telling the truth or not, the blonde beauties have reinstated their feud full blast on Twitter recently, both mocking the other in a bitter battle.

Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons



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