Lizzy Caplan, star of Showtime’s ‘Masters of Sex,’ talks about, what else: sex

By Daniel S Levine,

Lizzy Caplan posed for a sexy GQ photoshoot and, considering that she stars in Showtime’s Masters of Sex, the topic of sex came up in her interview with the magazine.

“If you watch Masters of Sex, you will score chicks,” she told the magazine. “This is everything your readers need to know...I know that the show will be equally relevant to men and women, if for no other reason: tits!”

According to E! News, she told the magazine that she has learned a lot about sexuality on the show, in which she and Michael Sheen play sex researchers Virginia Johnson and William Masters in the 1950s. “They basically figured out that the female body is far better equipped for sex than the male body,” she said. “Women can have multiple orgasms; men cannot. They're actually the sexual athletes, not the men.”

She also said that there’s still a double standard when it comes to sex. “If a woman said to me, ‘Hey missy, you look like ménage trois material,' yes, I would find that flattering," she told GQ. "If a man said that to me, I would be offended. It's a double standard.”

Masters of Sex premieres on Showtime this Sunday at 10 p.m.

Caplan was seen on True Blood and has appeared in movies like Cloverfield and Mean Girls.

image: Steven Pan/GQ



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