Miley Cyrus brought to tears during ‘Wrecking Ball’ performance at iHeartRadio

By Renee Fisher,

Miley Cyrus gave an emotional performance of her new break-up song, “Wrecking Ball,” at iHeartRadio in Las Vegas Saturday.

“Wrecking Ball” was part of Cyrus' short, four-song set. The new single is especially poignant to Cyrus after announcing her breakup with ex-fiancé Liam Hemsworth just days ago.

After belting the song, which has the lyrics “Left me crashing in a blazing fall / All you ever did was wreck me” and “I can’t live a lie / running for my life / I will always want you,” Cyrus left the stage with tears and mascara streaming down her face, according to the Washington Post.

The fans couldn’t wait for her performance, chanting “Miley! Miley!” before she took the stage. Cyrus thanked them, saying, “I couldn’t have [topped the charts] without all you guys.”

As well as “Wrecking Ball,” Cyrus, who sported a white corset and panty-like bottoms, also sang “We Can’t Stop,” “Party in the U.S.A.” and “Look at What They’ve Done to My Song.” The small performance at Music Festival Village was an extension of the main iHeartRadio festival, which Cyrus will also perform at, according to Billboard.

Image: YouTube Screenshot



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