Miley Cyrus sticks her tongue out for Rolling Stone magazine

By Daniel S Levine,

Miley Cyrus is on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine, topless, and, of course, sticking her now-trademark tongue out. She’s coming out of a pool and has her arms crossed, showing off her jewelry, a tattoo on her rib cage and covering up just enough to make sure the magazine can be sold on newsstands. The interview inside is packed with interesting details and was done just days after her controversial MTV VMAs performance.

Writer Josh Eells starts his profile at a tattoo parlor, where Cyrus is getting the bottom of her feet tattooed. She got “ROLLING” written on her right foot and “$TONE” on the left.

“People get tattoos of the most f**ked-up sh*t,” Cyrus says, revealing right away that this story is not intended for the Hannah Montana audience. She then notes that Stephen Baldwin got Hannah Montana’s initials tattooed on his shoulder. “People do f**ked-up sh*t.”

The interview, done just four days after the VMAs, provides a portrait of Cyrus’ life in LA, starting with her neighbors. Actor Steve Carell lives nearby and isn’t happy with her driving. “He always gives me the stank-eye because I drive so fast,” she said. “The other day I was trying to reverse and I almost hit a thousand things, and I was getting nervous because I could see him going... ‘I'm like, oh, my God, Dan in Real Life is watching me right now!’”

USA Today notes that she did speak about the VMAs and was curious about why she was getting the attention, not Robin Thicke. “No one is talking about the man behind the (derriere),” she said. “It was a lot of 'Miley twerks on Robin Thicke,' but never, 'Robin Thicke grinds up on Miley.' They're only talking about the one that bent over. So obviously there's a double standard.”

There was also criticism that her performance was racist since the dancers were black. “I don't keep my producers or dancers around 'cause it makes me look cool,” she explained. “Those aren't my 'accessories.' They're my homies.”

At one point of the interview, she talks about a skydiving experience and says that she called her mother first. Did she call Liam Hemsworth, her fiance at the time? “Oh, sh*t,” she replied and took her phone out. Of course, two weeks after the interview, Hemsworth and Cyrus officially broke up.

Also, don’t expect to see the tongue-wagging a lot in the future. “Now people expect me to come out and twerk with my tongue out all the time. I'll probably never do that (expletive) again,” she told the magazine.

image: Rolling Stone



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