Naya Rivera talks about how ‘Glee’ cast is doing after Cory Monteith’s death

By Daniel S Levine,

Naya Rivera, one of the stars of Fox’s Glee, sat down for another interview, speaking about the cast’s recovery after Cory Monteith’s death, her relationship with Big Sean and being an LGBT icon.

Rivera appears on the cover of Latina magazine’s October issue, just before Glee’s premiere on Sept. 26. When asked how the cast is doing after Monteith’s shocking death this summer, she replied, “We’re definitely taking it day by day. Everybody’s really just leaning on each other and trying to do good work.”

During the show’s fifth season, Rivera’s love interest will be played by Demi Lovato. Thanks to Glee, she has become an icon for the LGBT community, which she fully embraces.

“There are very few ethnic LGBT characters on television, so I am honored to represent them,” she told Latina. “I love supporting this cause, but it’s a big responsibility, and sometimes it’s a lot of pressure on me.”

Rivera sounded very excited to be starring opposite Lovato. She told MTV last month, “I mean, she's playing my love interest, so I'm very, very excited about that.” She was also looking forward to singing Beatles songs with her.

Rivera also recently began a relationship with Big Sean and the two were seen together on the red carpet in April. “We know so many who are in the public eye dating somebody, and they’re going in through back entrances and won’t make eye contact with each other,” she told Latina. “That’s just not us.”

image: Fox



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