Top 10 Most Interesting Star Demands

By Meghan Jackson,

It takes a lot of work to put on a concert. So much so that artists need to feel completely comfortable backstage. And since their shows make ridiculous amounts of money, concert venues adhere to ridiculous demands. Some artists' demands are fairly general. For example, most stars request non-styrofoam plates and cups due to genuine concern for the state of the environment and almost all of them request organic fruit. E! reports that it’s extremely common for stars to obsess over cleanliness and color of towels backstage. They note that performers often prefer dark towels to light in case they need to use them onstage so it’s less distracting. However, not all demands are so common. While all of the backstage lists are pretty interesting, rappers and pop stars tend to have some of the most unique requests. Check it out.



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