Top 10 Phone Usage Discrepancies Between Generations

By Jessica Bell,
The most annoying texting habits

The younger generation has their cell phone out everywhere – out grabbing a coffee, having dinner with some friends, viewing art in a museum, a day at the beach, cheering for a sports team, and even out on a date. They just do not put them down, but that is simply a part of today's culture. Cell phones now act as a security blanket in any awkward social situation.

So many people have pet peeves when it comes to cell phone use, but sometimes one person's pet peeve is the exact opposite of another person's pet peeve. People butt heads when it comes to texting and talking on the phone, because everyone does it differently.

But what is the correct phone etiquette? Is there a common formula? Everyone has a different opinion, but there seems to be trends in how different age groups think. Here's a list of the top ten.



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