Women selling positive pregnancy tests on Craigslist becomes popular, man retaliates

By Meghan Jackson,

Craigslist always has its fair share of unusual advertisements, but this trend is among the weirdest.

It’s becoming popular for pregnant women, looking for some extra cash, to sell positive pregnancy tests through the site.

Why might someone need to “borrow” a pregnancy test? ABC News suggests women may be using tests to convince their boyfriends to propose, as pranks, or as a way to get abortion money.

One woman posted an ad seeking a test to get back at her cheating husband, according to N.Y. Daily News.

Most women who post ads state that they do not need to know what tests are being used for and no questions will be asked.

One ad even offered a whole bottle of urine for $25. Straight from Craigslist it reads, “I am pregnant and am willing to take a pregnancy test for you that will be positive. Use it however you like no questions no judgments. I will take test right before you pick up. I will also be willing to bottle my urine if you need to seal the deal that way.”

Another ad from the New Jersey area stated that tests may only be used for prank purposes.

One man, wanting to even the playing field, posted an add for “Sperm Free Semen.”

“Since ladies are selling their POSITIVE pregnancy tests. Here is you chance to get even.

“Tell her you're sterile and prove it with my semen. I got snipped 7 years ago and tested for verification last month. Your $125. gets a fresh sample delivered to your door. What you do with it is up to you,” the ad stated.

While the ethics of these transactions may be questionable, Craigslist has yet to ban postings of such nature.

Image: Wikimedia Commons



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