'The Crazy Ones' Recap- She's So European

By Sari N. Kent,

We open on Sydney being psyched that their ultra chic European client, Helena is there to discuss her new Internet dating site for seniors. She tells Andrew that she's glad Simon is taking the lead on the account and asks where he is. Andrew says that Simon is at the voice-over session for the Musk campaign. Sydney says she needs him and they both go looking for him.

Simon and Zach are trying to come up with a pitch tor Pringles potato chips. Andrew and Sydney find them. Sydney says she needs him and Andrew says he needs him for the voice-over session. Once Simon hears that Helena is there, he goes with Sydney and tells Andrew hat he's in charge of the voice-over session.

Sydney, Simon, Helena and Zach look over Helena's new web site. Zach suggests that Helena make Simon a profile. She starts asking him questions about his sex life, which makes Sydney uncomfortable but she makes like she's okay with it so Helena won't think she's a prude. Helena has been flirting with both Zach and Simon the whole time.

Andrew and Lauren meet Fred, the voice-over guy for the Musk campaign. He's very rude to Andrew.

Alone, Sydney tells Simon that she's okay hearing about his sex life. He thinks it's okay since at work they're colleagues not father and daughter. Then, they both recant their agreements.

Andrew and Lauren begin the voice-over session. Andrew gives Fred a suggestion and Fred goes ballistic and storms out while Andrew tries to stop him.

Sydney and Helena have drinks together. Helena tells Sydney that has taken Zach as a lover and they discuss his "sex face."

The next day, Zach asks Sydney if Helena mentioned him. She lets it slip that they talked about him and his "sex face." Sydney then asks Zach when he thinks he'll be seeing Helena again. He replies, "Soon." Sydney then says that she'll see her sooner because Helena told her to drop by anytime.

Sydney drops by Helena's hotel room. Helena answers the door half-dressed surprised to see Sydney. Sydney then hears the toilet flush and assume Zach is there. Helena tells her it's not Zach and then Simon comes out of the bathroom in a bathrobe. Sydney is shocked.

Andrew shows Simon, Sydney and Zach the finished product for Helena's Internet dating site for seniors. Sydney criticizes it and Simon whispers that he knows she's doing it because she walked in on him and Helena. He then tells Andrew that Fred is willing to give him another shot. Once they're alone, Sydney asks Simon to stop seeing Helena. He agrees but then takes it back. He tells Sydney that He really likes Helena and likes who he is when he's with her. Sydney then gives Simon her blessing to date Helena. Then, she remembers about Zach.

Sydney takes Zach out for drinks and tells him that Helena is also sleeping with Simon. Zach is surprised and promises Sydney that Simon won't be hurt or that his and Helena's personal relationship will interfere with the account.

Zach then goes to see Simon. He tells him that he's also sleeping with Helena. Simon is upset. Zach promises not to steal her away just as Sydney walks in. Simon then asks Zach how he knows he could steal her away. Sydney then says this situation needs to be handled.

Sydney, Simon and Zach meet with Helena. Helena doesn't understand why everyone is upset. She says she enjoys sleeping with both Simon and Zach and then telling Sydney about them. We then find out that Helena has told Simon and Zach things Sydney told her about her sex life in confidence, some true, some not. Sydney then thinks that "boundaries have been crossed." Helena feels "awkward" and leaves as Sydney chases her.

Andrew and Lauren tell Fred that he just need him to record the Musk tag line, "Musk. Don't be Afraid" and they'll be done but Fred keeps saying it wrong. Fred then wants to leave. Lauren urges Andrew to stand up to Fred. Andrew finally does and tells Fred that he can't leave until he gets the tag line right. Fred suddenly grabs Andrew and clutches him to his chest. Fred then reveals that he was testing Andrew and only being rude to him in the hopes he'd stand up to him and he passed the test. Fred, then records the tag line correctly.

Sydney catches up with Helena followed by Simon and Zach. Simon explains in a goofy way how Americans and Europeans view sex differently. Sydney then tells Helena that he'll understand if she wants to take her business to another agency. Helena says she doesn't want to leave the agency because she loves their antics. Then, Fred comes out and tells everyone how Andrew stood up to him. Fred and Helena then lock eyes. They leave together on the elevator as Fred says he's taking Helena as his lover. Simon tells Andrew that he's proud that he stood up to Fred and surprised. They also all wonder if they'll ever see Helena again.



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