'Glee'-Cap: Tina in the Sky With Diamonds

By Lauren DuBois,
Beatles Week continues - and coincides with Prom

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Beatles Week continued at McKinley High, but it wasn’t the only big thing happening this week. Prom is this week as well, and once again, some of the New Directions kids are up for the prestigious crowns. Blaine and Artie are both going to duke it out for Prom King, while Kitty was nominated for Prom Queen, despite only being a sophomore. Oh, and Tina was nominated for Queen, too.

Cue the sudden attitude shift in Tina. She cancels her date with Sam, because nobody likes a loser, and says she’s going to go with a group of single girls instead to get the Wallflower vote. She asks the club for their support and actually gets it from Kitty, whose reasoning is that it's Tina’s time and she’ll have plenty of other chances. Tina starts singing only to be interrupted by the bell and everybody fleeing the choir room.

Bree shows her true colors (say hello to the new Santana Lopez, McKinley High!) when she rips Kitty for her decision to throw her support behind Tina. After all, the Glee club has won the Prom Queen title the last two years…it’s time for a Cheerio again. And she stops at nothing to get her way.
First, she puts up posters campaigning for Kitty all over the school, which causes Tina’s poll numbers to go down. The kids in the club don’t believe Kitty when she says she didn’t do it, which causes her to start tearing posters down. Bree sees this and hatches a new plan — enlisting Dottie, Tina’s assistant. In order to join the Cheerios, Dottie must pour Slushie on Tina if she wins, a la ‘Carrie.’ Dottie does it and Tina walks off the stage humiliated. She’s devastated because all she wanted was one night to know what it was like to be the popular girl, but it was ruined. Thanks to her fellow club members, though, who donate their abilities to give her a makeover (and Kitty’s dress), Tina walks back into the prom like she owns it, as the Glee kids sing “Hey Jude” around her.

But when Roz brings Bree to Sue for punishment, she is instead promoted to Head Cheerio, and is given the task to relentlessly torture the Glee Club.
And The Glee Club was performing at the Prom again. Jake, Ryder, Marley and Unique sang “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” in full Beatles regalia.


Welcome to the show, Demi Lovato! Dani is the new girl at the diner, and she is a lesbian who is very interested in Santana. This scares Santana because she’s never been in a relationship with another completely out lesbian — just bisexual girls like Brittany.

Thanks to Rachel’s meddling, though, the two are left to finish a shift at the diner together, where they watch the sunrise and duet on “Here Comes the Sun.” After Santana walks Dani home, the two kiss and become an official couple.

Meanwhile, back at McKinley, Sam has a MAJOR crush on the new school nurse. Except Penny Owen is a sophomore nursing student — and completely incompetent at her job. After Sue tries to fire her, Sam saves her job by getting over his fear of needles so she can vaccinate him. His crush is accented by a rendition of “Something [in the way she moves].”


Rachel is convinced she hasn’t gotten the part of Fanny Brice because she would have heard back by now. So she’s in a funk, and even a duet with Kurt to “Get back” doesn’t cheer her up.

But something else does at the end of the episode…the casting director requests her as a waitress at the diner. And he wants a whole cake. But he wants her to write “Congratulations Rachel Berry, You are Fanny Brice!” on it. Cue the ecstatic squeals all over the diner, and the celebration at the Brooklyn apartment to “Let it Be.”

Next week, the show takes an incredibly emotional turn as the cast prepares to say goodbye to Finn Hudson.



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