'Grey's Anatomy' Recap: 15 Questions Raised by the Emotionally-Taxing Episode Three

By Zoe Marquedant,
"Everybody's Crying Mercy" (including me)

When watching Grey's, one can never be too sure whether or not the theories that form mid-episode are the fine-tuned analysis of a seasoned TV-watcher or the crazed babbling of the inner fan girl. In every episode there are moments when you wonder: was that a hint, Easter egg or really truly nothing. It doesn't help that Shonda has thrown so many plot twists into the mix that we all have trust issues. Season 10 has been no exception. With one character already dead, there is no telling who is safe or what could happen. After the first two episodes we find all the doctors in various levels of distress. MerDer have a new baby, Calzona broke up, Alex is essentially neutered, one of the interns killed another and Owen/Cristina are who knows where in their relationship. Everything is being brought into question. Here are a few of the things I wondered during episode three:

1. Is Cristina eating heart cereal because of her heart or her specialty?

We know Cristina is a heart surgeon, so are the props just clever or is this just a box of cereal?

2. Was that NAIL POLISH?

If we had to pick the "girliest" of all the Grey's ladies it would be Izzie, right? Not Cristina? I'm not misremembering am I?

3. Have we seen that dress before?

Callie was all "you wore the dress" so I couldn't help but wonder: has she worn it before? If so, when?

4. Who is in the photos on Murphy's locker?

Are they family? Friends? WHO COULD IT BE? Or is it just props doing their job, again?

5. Who has that professional of a photo for their caller ID?

Why that one? Why not a picture of Bailey from that time she got drunk and came to the hospital?

6. Why does Murphy keep making that face whenever Heather is brought up?

It's like part gassy infant, part shock, part I'm not sure what...seriously though what's with the face?

7. Am I the only one who is totally uninterested in the Richard subplot?

How is it that we've lost so many characters and yet this guy gets left behind?

8. Is "Murphy make yourself useful and put a splint on that arm" Shonda code for something?

Can someone tell me with certainty that this isn't foreshadowing of any kind?

9. Does Shane intervene with Richard because he cares about him or because he feels guilty about Heather?

Also does anyone else feel like Richard is losing his touch?

10. How did Meredith get on the ground?

If she passed out, why does she look so composed?

11. Why didn't Callie just say over the phone why cutting the clavicle was so bad?

Why does Callie suck at communicating these days?

12. Whose bright idea was it to play Kendrick Lamar's "Swimming Pools (Drank)" during this scene?

Who deemed it appropriate for Meredith pushing around a stroller?

13. Does Cristina realize what 'dating other people' means?

Are they going to get back together? IS THIS THE END OF CRISTINA AND OWEN?

14. Can tired paternity leave McDreamy be any cuter?

How is it that even when he is that disheveled he still looks so good?

15. Is it a board meeting, a party or an emergency?

Arizona can't be the only one who is confused here, right?

image: ABC



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