Kim Kardashian loses 25 pounds of baby weight with Atkins diet

By Jessica Bell,

Kim Kardashian has lost 25 pounds of her baby weight by following the Atkins Diet.

Kardashian revealed to her fans on Twitter that the reason she's been looking so slim lately is because she's on the Atkins diet – sticking to foods like vegetables, lean proteins, nuts and fruit.

Atkins declined comments on whether they paid Kardashian to try and promote the diet, according to the Los Angeles Times, but the vice president of nutrition for Atkins Nutritionals, Colette Heimowitz, said she enjoyed working with Kardashian.

"It was part of her motivation to show people she's capable of getting back to where she was [weight-wise]," Heimowitz said. "She wanted to show the world she can do it, that was her motivation."

With the Atkins diet, Kardashian didn't have to cut too many calories like other celebrities do to lose baby fat. She eats 1,800 to 2,200 calories a day – she just cut the number of carbs she eats way down. Since she's started the diet, she has lost one to two pounds a week.

Kim has been looking great when spotted out and about lately. But she's not focusing on the numbers when it comes to weight loss. "[Kim has lost a lot of inches, and she's able to work out," Heimowitz said. "The scale weight isn't generally what we focus on. That's when people get discouraged."

E! News reports that other celebrities have successfully tried the Atkins diet, including Sharon, Jack and Ozzy Osbourne, Jennifer Aniston, Demi Moore and Catherine Zeta-Jones.

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