Man arrested for breaking in to Rihanna's property - twice

By Jessica Bell,

A man has been arrested for the attempted robbery of Rihanna's house on Friday. And it's looking as though this isn't the first time he's visited the star's mansion.

According to TMZ, officials claim that the man who trespassed on the “Diamonds” singer's property Friday morning is the same man who attempted burglary when he threw a chair through her sliding door last Sunday. Security camera footage has linked the two incidents.

This time, he jumped the property wall of Rihanna's estate, causing her security guards to call the police. He may have escaped the last time, but he was not so lucky the second time - officials caught the man about a mile from her home.

Sergeant Gary Levy told E! News that the 27-year-old man, identified as Jonathan Wooper, claimed to know the celebrity as a friend.

Rihanna was not home for either break-in, as she is currently on tour in Australia. Wooper has been charged with burglary as the investigation continues.

Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons



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