New CBS show ‘Lucky Dog’ will rescue and train shelter animals

By Renee Fisher,

CBS’ newest tv show, Lucky Dog, will follow expert dog trainer Brandon McMillan as he rescues and finds families for shelter dogs.

Each show will begin with McMillan going to animal shelters to pick the dog he will train that week.

“I can only take one out. That means I have to walk by 99 I can’t take. All 100 are very trainable, very place-able and just as smart as the next dog. Often the one I choose just comes down to one I make a connection with,” McMillan explained, according to Naples News.

After he chooses the dog, McMillan will train it at Lucky Dog Ranch and then screen families to make the most suitable match.

McMillan, 36, has worked with thousands of dogs throughout his career. He was born into a family of animal entertainers and has been training dogs his whole life, reports Paw Nation.

McMillan explained his approach to dog training as follows: “My theory of training is a lot like martial arts… With the dogs, I teach them technique when I am training them. I teach the family to perfect the technique over the years to come.”

Lucky Dog will air on Saturday mornings on CBS.

image: CBS



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