'Once Upon A Time' episode recap: “Lost Girl”

By Sari N. Kent,

We open with Gold alone in Neverland. He stabs himself with his magic dagger and a shadow appears. He tells the shadow to hide the dagger where no one can find it...even him. The shadow then takes the dagger and flies away.

Hook navigates the group through the jungle. David doesn't trust his route. Mary-Margaret asks Emma to call her Mom but she says she isn't comfortable doing that yet. David wants to go a different route than Hook suggests. Emma thinks they should listen to Hook, but David directs the group a different way. Hook then asks Emma what the fairy tales that made Pan a hero said about him. She replies, "If waxed mustaches and perms are your thing." David finds "The Dark Jungle." Hook then suggests that they make camp to conserve their strength to go around "The Dark Jungle." Mary-Margaret tells Emma to not give up on finding Henry.

Flashback to when Charming woke Snow from the sleeping curse. The magic mirror shows the Queen that Snow has been awakened and vows to take back the kingdom. The Queen replies, "We'll see about that."

Snow tries to rally the townspeople to stand with her against the Queen but they're too scared. Then, the Queen appears and says she has a deal. If Snow renounces her claim as Queen and names the land's ruler, she'll let her, Charming and all the townspeople live in peace in exile. Snow declines the offer but then the Queen uses magic to try to choke one of the townspeople. She disappears and lets the girl go when Snow lunges at her and tells Snow that she has until sundown the following day to give up the throne or one of the townspeople will die. After the Queen disappears Snow tells Charming that she has no choice but to take the Queen's deal.

Back to the present, Emma can't sleep and is visited by Pan. He gives her a map that he says will lead her to Henry but it’s blank. He tells her that it’s how she finds Henry, that she’s the only one who can find him and she'll be able to read it when she "stops denying all of who you are."

Emma analyzes the map. Regina insists that it's a trap while Hook says that Pan is devious but never lies, so the map will lead them to Henry. Regina wants to use magic to read the map but Emma won't do it. Hook and David agree with Emma.

Flashback to Snow insisting that they have to leave. Charming doesn't want to leave. Snow says she isn't a leader and doesn't know who she is. Charming wants to fight but the dwarves don't trust him and side with Snow about leaving. Charming then goes to Rumpelstiltskin for help changing Snow’s mind.

Gold is sitting by a fire and sensors a figure nearby...it's Belle. She tells him that she's still safe in Storybrooke but that she conjured her image there.

Charming begs Rumplestiltskin to give him something to change Snow’s mind. Rumpelstiltskin says he doesn't have anything but Charming tells him to name his price. Charming then goes back to Snow to tell her that Rumplestiltskin told him of a magical weapon that can defeat The Queen.

Emma talks to the map hoping it will show itself but it doesn't work. Regina then gets annoyed and uses a locator spell on the map to find Pan. The map leads them into “The Dark Jungle.”

Belle takes Gold to the cliff and asks him why he brought her there. Gold tells her that Pan offered him a deal. If he lets Pan have Henry, he will let Gold live and Henry won't be his undoing. Belle then reminds Gold how he abandoned Baelfire, how he always regretted it and how he doesn't have to do the same to Henry. He then tells Belle that the doll Pan gave him was the last thing his father gave him before he left him. Belle tells him not to repeat his father mistakes. She goes back into the jungle and Gold drops the doll off the cliff.

The group thinks they found Pan but Hook is wary.

Snow and Charming go look for the weapon. Charming tells Snow that it’s from the land of Camelot...it's Excalibur. Charming can't get it out of the stone and then says that Snow should try because Rumplestiltskin told him that only the true ruler of the land could dislodge it. Snow tries and dislodges it

The group finds Pan. Emma asks where Henry is. Pan says she broke the rules by using magic on the map and then the Lost Boys surround them. The group fights the Lost Boys. David is shot by an arrow by a Lost Boy but seems okay. Hook and Pan fight. Pan then tells Emma again that the map will lead her to Henry and then Pan and The Lost Boys leave.

Snow gets ready to fight the Queen with Excalibur. When the Queen shows up, Snow tells her she isn't leaving so the Queen starts choking the dwarves. Snow then goes after the Queen, who releases the dwarves and is shocked that Snow wounded her. The Queen then challenges Snow to a fight for the kingdom. Snow says she'll be ready and the Queen disappears. Charming and the dwarves are proud of Snow.

Emma keeps staring at the map. Mary-Margaret wants Emma to talk to her but Emma says that she’s losing faith and tells her about crying herself to sleep as a little girl wanting to know why her parents left her and accepts that she was an orphan. Then, the map appears because Emma finally accepted who she was. Emma then apologizes to Mary-Margaret and they hold hands.

Snow goes looking for Rumplestiltskin, finds him, and wants to discuss the deal he made with Charming about Excalibur. She says she won't let Charming be in his debt at she'll pay his price. Rumplestiltskin replies that Excalibur is in Camelot and disintegrates the sword proving it isn't Excalibur. He then takes Snow’s necklace that belonged to her mother as payment and disappears.

The dwarves apologize to David. Snow comes back mad at David for lying to her. He concedes that he planted the sword to help her believe in herself. She kisses him.

Emma tells everyone that she can see the map and David says they need a new plan to outwit Pan.

Gold is into “The Dark Jungle” and finds the doll he threw over the cliff. He burns it, but it keeps returning.

Pan finds Emma again. Pan says she still hasn't forgiven her parents for abandoning and Henry hasn't forgiven her for abandoning him and by the time she finds him, he will not want to leave the island and she'll be an orphan again.

David looks at his wound and its getting bigger and he realizes he’s been poisoned.



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