Rapper Game shows his heart and generosity in his 'Robin Hood Project' mission

By Candice Connell,

Compton Rapper the Game (Jayceon Taylor) shows he can do more than just rap, with the start of a mission he founded to help donate money to families and people in need called “The Robin Hood Project."

His goal, according to his Instagram account, is “One man, one Million Dollars, one goal, giving $1,000,000 of my own $$$ to people just because I feel like it!"

He started the Instagram page while on tour in Australia, to showcase his acts of kindness. He is now recruiting his very own peers to help in the project.

He also stated, “The other day I posted this pic of an African child I met in Australia playing outside the grocery store. His story of his families hardships & struggles to get away from the terror they left behind touched me so I gave him what I had on me… Which was an Australian $20 bill.”

He added, “As the days passed, I thought about him over & over & over & the only thing that bothered me about that night was that I didn’t have more on me to give him at that time.”

The life changing encounter the Game had in Australia with this boy is what inspired his mission for change in starting “The Robin Hood Project.” So far it looks like his mission has rubbed off on his peers.

According to Atlanta Black Star, rappers like Drake and Snoop Lion have come on board to help donate to families experiencing tragedies. Drake has helped an Ohio woman who lost all 5 of her children and boyfriend in a house fire, and Snoop Lion offered a helping hand to a mother of a slain California girl. According to reports, La La Anthony and Khloe Kardashian have also joined the cause, recently aiding the family of a California woman who was shot. The peers have been promoting their mission on their Instagram pages in hopes to spread awareness about the project.

This project proves that if we all come together and help one another, the pain caused by our wounds can heal much faster and come out much stronger. Lend a helping hand to someone in need today. Let’s all think less about ourselves and more about how we treat our fellow man.

Photo Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons



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