Six dead, one officer injured in Ohio car crash

By Brianna Valdez,

A family of six was killed Friday when a police car crashed into their vehicle that was responding to a call about a robbery in Cleveland, Ohio.

The police officer received a call about an armed robbery that occurred at a McDonalds in Upper Arlington, a Cleveland suburb, early Friday. Lights on and siren blaring, the car was making its way to the store when it struck a car in the middle of a large intersection.

NBC News reports that the driver of the police car was not driving at high speeds when he collided with the other car and that he will not be ticketed or suspended for what happened.

The car that was hit contained two parents and their four daughters, none of which are believed to have been wearing their seat belts at the time of the crash, reports the Associated Press. The family’s 2-year-old daughter was not in a child seat.

"That car was just totaled, and they probably died instantly," Chief Robert Oppenheimer of Perry Township police said in a statement.

Eid Badi Shahad, 39, was driving the car and had his wife, 31-year-old Entisar W. Hameed, in the passenger seat. The couple was married and had four daughters, 16-year-old Shuaa Badi, 14-year-old Amna Badi, 12-year-old Ekbal Badi, and 2-year-old Lina Badi, all of whom died in the crash.

The members of the family were Iraqi refugees who came to America three years ago.

The officer was taken to Riverside Methodist Hospital following the crash and is in stable condition, according to Reuters. An investigation of the accident will look into the speed at which the officer was driving and other possible causes of the deadly crash.



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