'Sons of Anarchy' Recap: 'Los Fantasmas'

By Amanda Jo Scott,
Unser's wise words

Did you catch the latest episode of Sons of Anarchy? “Los Fantasmas” felt like another roller coaster ride of emotion. This week, morality took center stage and, for me, Unser’s bits of wisdom stole the show.

Justice always seems to become manipulated for a character’s own needs. The current “law abiding” threat is D.A. Patterson, and, as with previous “law abiding” threats, she’s manipulating justice and order to further her own agenda. Granted, she is trying to get justice for the school shooting, but seriously ma’am, do your homework. Any time a supposedly law abiding figure manipulates the system, their vigilante ways get the best of them. Essentially, D.A. Patterson is tying a noose that could very well be placed around her own neck. Maybe not. Maybe this time the shady dealings against the club will finally win out and our leather-clad boys will meet the reaper. Personally, I hope the power-tripping, righteous D.A. doesn’t win. The club knows they’ve hit rock bottom. Stop hitting them while they’re down.

“Grandma is dead.” Seriously, Jax, that was harsh. I’m so conflicted about this whole situation. Tara has become Gemma. Gemma is being forced to become a fiercer version of herself. Jax is brokenhearted over a child that never existed. Wendy, well, Wendy chose that needle in her arm, which will most likely come back to bite Tara in the, well, behind. When Jax asks Tara if she regrets returning to Charming, they both appear to regret, not their love, but the awful timing it had. It’s all a beautifully written hot mess. Where’s this all leading? Only time will tell.

Unser seems to have the best vantage point. Although, I am a bit worried this could get him into some hot water. He’s a smart man. He has put two and two together and realized Tara took a page out of Gemma’s book. At the start of his conversation with Tara, he commented that it is a “complicated time for all of us.” He then told Tara, “I’m not upset about Gemma, Doc. I’m upset about you. Breaks my heart that you had to become something so wrong to do what you thought was right,” before exiting. He’s completely right. Although Tara is doing this for the good of her children, she’s tearing down the last remaining bit of anything good. Later in the episode he urges Gemma to rethink and tone down her Gemma-ness. He basically tells her the path she’s on doesn’t have a happy ending. He knows she’s full of love, but wonders if she can even find it amidst the hate and secrecy. He also warns Eli that they both know that removing the Sons from Charming will cause Charming to unravel. Basically, Unser seems to be the angel on everyone’s shoulder. All along he’s recognized the delicate balance between good and evil. Focusing on the necessary evil seems to have caused most of our beloved characters to forget about the necessary good. Unser is there to remind us of the old adage, “The road to Hell is paved with good intentions.”

I’m on edge. I watch every episode expecting to say a surprise final goodbye to a favorite character. (Speaking of ultimate demise, Juice, stop flirting with the real reaper. When a car speeds toward you, please move to safety.) I can’t take it. My nerves can’t take it, but I can’t afford to miss a single episode and neither should you. Make sure you’re tuning in Tuesdays at 10/9c on FX.

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