Top 10 songs featured without instrumentals

By Chelsea Lewis ,

There is a new trend in the music industry that has grown in popularity over the past few months. Fans and artists have been isolating vocals from popular music singles. In today’s music industry, songs are often over produced and driven by heavy beats.

This new feature of music, just isolating the vocals, showcases the talent of each individual audience. From Linkin Park, Katy Perry to The Beatles, fans are making it possible to hear just the vocal performances from the artist without instruments.

These famous songs are given a whole new life by just providing the vocals. Eminem on his hit “Lose Yourself,” with just his lyrics is haunting and inspiring. Hearing only Kurt Cobain perform “Smells Like Teen Sprit,” gives the audience chills.

TheCelebrityCafe.com put together a top ten list of the most impressive “just vocal” YouTube music videos. Does your favorite make the cut? Comment below.



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