'The Big Bang Theory' Recap: 'The Thanksgiving Decoupling'

By Marissa Pessolano,

In last night’s Big Bang Theory, “The Thanksgiving Decoupling,” Howard invites the gang to Thanksgiving dinner at his mom’s house. Sheldon is reluctant to go, but finally gives in.

Sheldon continues to complain about the event, comparing it to how the African slaves felt. Amy thinks that he is overreacting. Penny chimes in and talks about a Thanksgiving she spent in Las Vegas. She mentions that she and Zack had a fake wedding in a Vegas chapel. Leonard points out to her that those weddings are real and that means she is married to Zack.

On the way to dinner, Amy argues with Sheldon about comparing the situation to slaves, while Penny and Leonard argue about the marriage. Amy mentions that perhaps Leonard is mad because when Leonard asks her to marry him, she always shoots him down. Leonard insists that Penny annuls it as soon as possible.

At Howard’s mom's, Raj is cooking dinner while Bernadette unpacks groceries. She tells Howard that he should go spend time with her dad who is in attendance, since her mom is away. Amy comes into the kitchen to reveal the news about Penny and Zack, which shocks Bernadette and Raj.

Leonard spends most of the day being angry about the marriage. Meanwhile, Bernadette’s dad learns that Sheldon understands football since his dad made him watch it when he was a kid before he was allowed to do his homework. Bernadette’s dad insists that the two have a beer. This leads to them bonding, getting drunk, and picking on Howard.

Penny has decided to invite Zack over in order to sign the annulment papers. This upsets Leonard and starts a fight.

Howard, who is upset that Bernadette’s dad is bonding with Sheldon instead of him, walks into the kitchen. As he starts to explain how sad he is, Zack arrives. Amy, Raj, and Bernadette run into the living room to see how things go. This leaves Howard in the kitchen by himself with no one to talk to.

Everyone waits for Zack to sign the annulment, but first, Penny and Leonard argue and then Zack gets involved. Finally, he reluctantly signs the papers.

After this is settled, Bernadette yells at her dad and Sheldon, as they are continuing to bond and pick on Howard. Sheldon laughs at Bernadette, but apologizes to Howard when Amy asks him to. He then slaps Amy’s butt and asks her to get them more beer. Amy seems to be pleased by this.

At the end, everyone is sitting around the dinner table. Howard’s mom is upstairs still, where she has been the whole episode. Bernadette’s dad asks Sheldon if he wants to go outside and throw around the pigskin. Sheldon points out that it is a Jewish household so he doubts there is a pigskin. Bernadette’s dad then looks over to Howard and says that he isn’t the worst son-in-law he could have. When Howard says that that was the nicest thing that he ever said to him, her dad laughs it off and says that he is drunk.

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