The CW looking to bring DC hero ‘Hourman’ to television

By Daniel S Levine,

The CW is hoping to expand its roster of shows based on DC Comics characters with Hourman, a relatively obscure character in the DC universe, but has the potential to become a series for the network.

The Hollywood Reporter first confirmed the plans, noting that Sopranos veteran Michael Caleo has been hired to do the script and will executive produce with Dan Lin. Lin Pictures, which is based at Warner Bros. TV, is producing.

Hourman will tell the story of a hero whose nightmares about tragic events turn out to be premonitions of events that will happen in an hour. He uses the power to help others and hopes it will impress his son and ex-wife.

There have been three different Hourman characters over the years, beginning with the first, Rex Taylor, created in 1940. Rex’s son Rick took over the hero’s duties in Infinity Inc. Grant Morrison and Howard Porter’s Hourman was Matthew Tyler. A 1997 incarnation featured an android.

Hourman is the latest DC hero that could make it to The CW, which had success translating Superman to the small screen with Smallville. Arrow is currently in its second season, while a The Flash series is planned with a backdoor pilot in Arrow. There are also plans for a Wonder Woman series titled Amazon.

A Batman prequel titled Gotham is in the works, but that has landed at Fox.

Which other DC heroes do you think needs a TV series?

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