John Lennon's detention sheets from Quarry Bank High School for Boys in Liverpool to be auctioned off

By Gina DiFalco,

John Lennon’s fans now have the option of purchasing a detention sheet from the late Beatles legend’s high school days as a class clown. The sheets show the reasons he got in trouble while 14 and 15 years old at Quarry Bank High School for Boys in Liverpool.

The documents date back to May to June 1955 and November 1955 to February 1956 and they’re expected to sell for anywhere from $3,200 and $4,800 each.

According to Daily News, Lennon got in trouble for "Showing just no interest whatsoever," as well as “shoving” and giving "an impudent answer to question.”

The documents, which have been kept as a souvenir from the ‘70s, were authenticated by Lennon’s classmate Pete Shotton. They will be auctioned off on Tracksauction.com starting Nov. 22 and ending Dec. 1.

Digital Journal notes Lennon even got detention three times in one day. Shotton wrote in the book John Lennon: My Life, “It didn’t take us very long to establish our credentials as our class’s resident clowns.”

He also wrote they “laughed our way through Quarry Bank. We didn’t learn much of anything, but, thanks entirely to John, I thoroughly enjoyed my five years there. And I’m quite certain John would have said the same for me.”

image: Wikimedia Commons



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