‘Parenthood’ Recap: The M Word

By Andrew Wilson,

With doors slamming in their faces, the Bravermans are out in full force going door-to-door for Kristina’s campaign while she and her campaign team run into Bob Little at a Farmer’s Market.

Crosby pulls into his driveway to find Jasmine trying to get the baby out of the car without waking her up. She suggests they get a mini-van. “When I hear mini-van, I hear ‘vagina,’” Crosby says. “I guess we’re going vagina shopping tomorrow then," Jasmine states.

Heather interrupts Adam and Kristina, who are trying to do more than just stuff envelopes. Heather brings campaign statistics on where they stand with the voters and it doesn’t look good. Heather advises that if it doesn’t pick up, they will have to bow out.

Amber goes to Sarah’s and Sarah is more than excited to talk about the wedding. Amber still isn’t over their last conversation and Sarah starts back in, stating that Ryan and Amber’s father do have similar issues. Sarah tries to explain that she will always be there for Amber, but that doesn’t mean she has to agree with Amber’s decision. Frustrated, and needing her mother’s approval, Amber walks out.

To Camille’s astonishment, Zeek agrees to go look at condos with her.

As Joel and Julia are out campaigning for Kristina, Joel gets a call from Peet about work. With many more houses to go, Joel has to call one of his co-workers, leaving Julia to campaign by herself.

Crosby and Jasmine, with baby Aida and Jabbar, are at a dealership looking at mini-vans. Jasmine tells Crosby that she planned on getting rid of his car. Crosby states that he can’t go to work in either a VW Bug or mini-van, a “little vagina or big vagina.” Jasmine goes to look for a salesperson so they can do a test drive.

Amber talks to Ryan about the way her Mom acted. Ryan says that he really wants to marry her and suggests eloping, just going to the courthouse and getting married. He states that as soon as Amber’s Mom is on board, then they’ll throw a party. Amber agrees.

Camille and Zeek are being shown a large condo by a realtor. As the realtor is ‘selling’ all the amenities that come with it (gym, gardeners, maintenance, etc.) Camille sees Zeek is not very happy with it. Trying to be a good sport, Zeek suggests they go downstairs to look at the outside fire-pit.

Kristina and Heather practice for the debate and Heather just states that Kristina will bore the people with her speeches and answers. Heather suggests that, because education is her platform, Kristina talk about Max and bringing up education for a kid with special needs. Kristina states that Max is off limits.

While Crosby is recording Ashes to Rome, Adam walks in and, seeing that Crosby is down, asks him what’s wrong. Crosby is upset about having to trade in his car for a mini-van. Adam tries to tell him to embrace being an “adult,” a father and husband, and mini-vans are practical. Ashes to Rome lead singer comes in the sound booth and suggests having a mid-day drink. Crosby joins them.

Julia is out with Sydney and Victor going door-to-door for the campaign. They knock on the door to the next house and Ed Bliss, Julia’s sustainability buddy, opens the door. Ed’s daughter, who is friends with Sydney, invites them in. Julia gives in and says only for 10 minutes.

Amber goes to Drew’s dorm to ask him to be the witness for her and Ryan’s marriage at city hall. He’s excited, but then asks who is going. Amber states it would just be the three of them. Drew says that he’ll always be there for Amber, but can’t do this without their Mom being there. Amber walks out.

Julia reminisces with Ed about working, and Ed admits that he felt much better when he was working, rather than taking care of the kids. The kids ask for something to eat, but Julia says they should really get going. Ed tells them they can stay and offers Julia a grown-up dinner. Julia agrees, even though she can’t stop looking at her watch.

Sarah goes to her parents' house and sees her Dad building a fire pit. She talks to her Mom about how she told Amber to wait on the marriage. Her Mom tells her it’s exactly like her and Seth, her ex, and how her Mom wishes she never said anything. Her Mom advises her that she needs to let Amber make her own decisions and move out of the way.

Crosby plays beer pong with Ashes To Rome. Jasmine calls to say he needs to pick up dessert for their dinner with her Mom. Too drunk to drive, Crosby calls Jasmine back to pick her and the band up.

Kristina gets overwhelmed with Max and Heather trying to prep her for the debate.

Julia and Ed, and their kids sit down to dinner. Ed’s wife comes home and it gets very awkward. Julia rushes the kids out the door before they can even finish eating.

Crosby and Jasmine, with Ashes To Rome, go through a drive-thru on the way to drop the band off at home. The band keep praising how great of a wife Crosby has.

Julia and the kids come home to Joel, who’s made a family dinner. Victor states that they already ate, and Julia is quick to say the kids had a snack on a play-date. Julia lets the kids watch TV and Joel thanks Julia for all that she’s doing with the kids, making it possible for him to work. She hugs him even though she’s feeling guilty.

During the debate, Kristina can’t get a word in edge-wise until a woman from the audience asks the candidates what they can do for her daughter with special needs. Kristina takes the helm and relates her situation with Max. Kristina goes down to the woman and hands her phone number, stating that she will fight for her child. The audience applauds.

Zeek shows Camille the finished fire pit. Camille states that she talked to the real estate agent and told her they weren’t interested in the condo. Zeek apologizes and states he tried, and Camille knows, and states she knows he would have been miserable. She states that her art class is going to Italy for a month, and tells Zeek she’s going… alone. She walks away and Zeek is left speechless.

Jasmine walks in on Crosby trying to embrace the mini-van. He states if he owns one, he’s glad it’s with her.

Max walks in the kitchen with the paper and shows Kristina and Adam that Kristina won the debate, making it possible for her to win the mayoral race.

Sarah goes to Amber and apologizes, stating that she wants to do it together, and doesn’t want to miss out. They hug and cry in happiness together.

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