'Sean Saves The World' Recap: "Of Moles And Men"

By Megan Eldridge,

Max believes there is a mole in the office after their rival company, Nightsbury Lane, releases Pemberton Road's products before them. The rival company is owned by previous Pemberton owner Andrew. Max uses a detective to uncover employee secrets that Andrew could use to blackmail employees into giving him company info, only to reveal Sean previously had a tryst with Andrew. Everyone assumes Sean is the mole and was promoted solely for sleeping with the boss.

Meanwhile, Lorna and Sean become a bit concerned when Ellie tutors a senior, Becky, who dresses a bit too scantily. When it seems that Becky gets attention because of her looks, Lorna and Sean worry she will become a negative influence on Ellie.

Sean then becomes worried that he is a "Becky" and received his promotion purely for sleeping with Andrew. Sean confronts Andrew, only to be reassured that he was offered the promotion purely based on his work performance.

After hugging Andrew goodbye, Sean realizes that his hair smells exactly like Max's. He then discovers that Andrew and Max have the same hairdresser, and that while Max was conversationally talking business, the hairdresser exchanged the secrets with Andrew.

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