Top 10 artists discovered on YouTube

By Meral Kathwari,

Have you ever had cold feet about uploading a video of yourself singing to YouTube? If you have a really good singing voice, you might as well go for it! Plenty of artists these days find success through the video-sharing site and gain strong fan bases. Just by uploading a song for fun, a lot of artists have been discovered by major label producers and become huge household names. Others might not get signed right away, but their fan bases are so strong it allows them to quit their day jobs and tour around the globe. Singers like Justin Bieber, Austin Mahone and Cody Simpson, to name a few, were all discovered on YouTube. These pop stars have traded in normal, teenage lives for super stardom just with one upload. They’ve sold out stadiums and have had records go platinum, and girls go absolutely crazy over them.

These are the Top 10 artists who were discovered on YouTube!



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