Top 10 Keith Urban songs

By Chelsea Lewis ,

Keith Urban is about to return to American Idol and is kicking off a worldwide Light the Fuse Tour. The Australian country music heartthrob is known for his whole-hearted lyrics, out of this world guitar rifts and incredible country songs. Urban has proven time after time that he can not only write a classic country song but can play guitar with some of the best in rock ‘n’ roll.

The Light the Fuse Tour will bring Urban hits to fans all across the world. Fans can look forward to hearing some favorites and new hits like “We Were Us,” which features country music female superstar Miranda Lambert. His album Fuse combines the best of Urban and shows the direction he is moving in as a country artist.

We are counting down the top 10 Keith Urban songs. From “Put You in a Song” to “Making Memories of Us,” Urban is known for creating country hit after hit. Be sure to comment below and add your favorite Urban song to the list.

image: Wikimedia Commons

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