Top 10 Marvel Movies

By Chelsea Lewis ,

With Thor: The Dark World arriving in theaters on Friday, TheCelebrityCafe.com decided to count down the top 10 Marvel movies. Marvel is one of the largest forces in the movie industry today. The Avengers broke box office records and made history worldwide, Iron Man (Tony Stark) has become a household name and Marvel has managed to bring Gods to the big screen. There is nothing that Marvel cannot do when it comes to bringing favorite comic book heroes to life.

To address a technicality, X-Men is produced by 20th Century and The Amazing Spider-Man is produced by Sony, but these films still are under the Marvel banner, which is how they have landed on this list. Different studios have the film rights to a few well-known Marvel characters.

From Thor to Captain America, these are the top 10 Marvel films to date. Thor: The Dark World will be released in theaters on Nov. 8.



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