10 Celebrities that went to college

By Lauren Wheeler,
These celebs are famous and educated!

While celebrities are known for their acting or singing, there is one thing that is never published. Some of the famous celebrities went to college and others even graduated. While there are more than 10, this is a list of the ones that are most interesting.

The question on everyone’s mind is, why would a celebrity need to have an education? It doesn’t take a math class to know how to act or sing. Some of the celebrities on the list went to college before they got their big breaks. Others used their college degree to learn more about their craft. It is never a bad thing to be educated.

The colleges the celebrities went to are relatively popular. Some went to state schools and others attended Ivy Leagues. If one of them went to your college, let me know in the comments. Or, if your favorite celebrity went to college, comment about that too.

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