'127 Hours' author arrested for domestic violence

By Samantha Ravenscroft,

Aron Ralston, the adventurer that inspired the film version of 127 Hours, was arrested in Denver for domestic violence. The 38-year-old was booked on Sunday on charges of assault to minors.

According to the Associated Press, police aren’t able to release any further information on the case until the police speak to a domestic violence detective.

The booking documents do not indicate whether or not Ralston has hired an attorney but he is due in court on Monday afternoon, according to USA Today.

Ralston became famous after a hiking incident went horribly wrong in 2003 when he was stuck in a Utah canyon for 5 days after it became trapped in a boulder. Ralston freed himself by amputating his own arm with a dull blade. His heroics inspired the writing of his book and the 2010 film version of the events by the same name. In the film Franco played Ralston.

Image: Wikimedia Commons


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