'2 Broke Girls' Recap: 'And the French Kiss'

By May Chan,
Caroline cozies up to a chef with a top secret.

When a hipster rolls by Caroline and Max's cupcake shop, Max knows he can't afford a cupcake, so she closes the window on him.

Caroline thinks Max should reconsider, but when the window reopens to the hipster purchasing a vanilla cupcake with a poem, Caroline and Max stand there awkwardly before Caroline demands the guy spit it back out.

At the diner, Max waits on Deke, who chats about what they could make for their pastry school homework assignment. Max says she will blow it off and just steal Deke's, while Deke suggests sticky buns.

Caroline interrupts the duo with a video message from Chef Nicholas, who recorded himself with his shirt open, cooking something.

Han then interrupts Max and Deke because it's time for Deke to leave and it's time to clean. When Deke sees Han, he asks, “Max, should we help him find his mom?”

“Now, there's two of them, like gremlins,” Han laments, indicating Max's other half.

After Deke leaves, Max finds Caroline texting Chef Nicholas. Caroline tells Max that Nicholas wants to meet with her for drinks after dinner.

Afraid that she won't be able to resist Nicholas, Caroline asks that she hang out with Max, but of course, Max includes Deke in their plans.

Caroline can't get over the text messages she receives from Nicholas, yet she tries to resist getting drinks with him. Caroline then decides that she will invite Nicholas to the lounge bar she, Max, and Deke are at, and if the situation gets out of hand, she will wink.

Fast-forward to Caroline making out with Nicholas, as Deke and Max gawk at them. The make-out session gets so intense that Max wants to leave, but Deke convinces Max to stay, suggesting they make out, a comedy make-out that is.

Max and Deke act so goofy to try to distract Caroline and Nicholas, but it doesn't work. The two are still at it until Deke starts licking Max's face. That's when Caroline notices the strange interaction.

Max laughs through the licking before getting up to leave. When Caroline gives the signal to suggest that the make-out session has gotten too intense, Deke spots it and Max makes an excuse to get Caroline away from Nicholas.

Not too long after Caroline and Max exit the lounge, Nicholas picks up a call from his wife as Deke watches on in awe.

The next day, Max and Deke have their lunch in the hallway. The moment Caroline arrives through the elevator, Max reminds Caroline that this could have been a walk of shame if it were not for Max. Deke, on the other hand, relays to Max that Nicholas has a wife, but Max should not tell Caroline.

For every motive that Max questions, Deke reasons that Nicholas is French. Deke doesn't want Max to tell Caroline before Nicholas has a chance to look at the pastry assignment.

Nevertheless, when Caroline has lunch with Bebe so she can ask her about Nicholas, Bebe spills that the chef is married.

Caroline spits out her salad.

During her shift at the diner, Caroline tells Max and the whole diner apparently that she was with a married man, but Caroline notices that Max has not said a word. That's when Max mutters to Caroline that she knew about Nicholas being married.

Caroline explodes on Max, who explains to Caroline that Deke convinced her not to say anything on account of his homework. Max also tells her best friend that she didn't want to see Caroline cry in her six phases.

Over at the pastry school, Caroline deals with her encounter with Nicholas, but can she take it without bawling like a baby?

Tune in to 2 Broke Girls on Monday nights at 9:30 on CBS.

Photos courtesy of CBS


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