‘2 Broke Girls’ Recap: ‘And the Life After Death’

By May Chan,
Caroline’s nanny passes away.

Caroline and Max try to get to pastry school in record time, but Caroline is quick to point out her undergarments have been worn the wrong way. The ladies say goodbye to each other as Caroline heads to work with Bebe and Max goes the opposite direction to class.

The ladies act like husband and wife, sending each other off with a kiss, as they part ways.

When Max visits Caroline in the office to borrow some money to replace a broken spatula, Caroline gives Max the cash. However, while reading the newspaper, Caroline discovers from the obituary section that her nanny has passed away.

Caroline recalls fond memories of her nanny before tearing up. Bebe makes a comment that she didn’t know that crying was allowed in the office because she did most of her crying in her car.

As Caroline and Max walk into the diner, Caroline laments about how it’s the first time entering the diner since finding out that her nanny has died.

Max points out that that was what Caroline said at Chipotle … twice.

Earl overhears about Caroline’s nanny and gives his sympathy. He says there’s nothing like a black funeral. He’s still hung over from the last one.

Caroline tells Earl that her nanny was white.

“Your nanny was white?” Earl says, “Child, you were rich.”

Caroline plans on letting Han know she’ll take the day off for the funeral, and Max thinks she should take the day off too for moral support.

Nevertheless, Han doesn’t initially budge because Caroline’s nanny wasn’t technically family, but Max demonstrates that the diner rules that Han implements are not taken seriously when she cracks open a beer.

After Han grants Caroline and Max the day off, Sophie walks in in a tight black outfit to pay her respects and due to her period.

Caroline and Max get Bebe to drive them to the funeral, despite Bebe’s overly nervous behavior. Bebe brings her Cocker Spaniel in tow, and every once in awhile, the dog would emit a whiff of odor that Max likes to compare with the smell of broccoli.

As Caroline shares her memories of her nanny, Bebe tries to keep her eyes on the road, even though she reveals that her mother is usually the one who drives her to doctor’s appointments and how she normally isn’t allowed to get behind the wheel.

Over at the funeral, Caroline sees someone who knows her nanny and goes in for a hug before the woman tells Caroline she wasn’t talking to her.

The woman isn’t the only one Caroline hugs. When Caroline goes in for an embrace with the nephew of her nanny, the nephew gets too grabby with her.

An Italian tradition calls for the ladies to bring in some cash donation, but Caroline doesn’t have any cash on her. Max takes out a plastic bag of coins.

A nervous Caroline thinks about kissing her nanny just like how the previous visitor had done yet chickens out and knocks the coins out of Max’s hand and into the coffin.

The nanny’s family watches in horror. Caroline keeps assuming that everyone at the funeral would know who she is because her nanny took care of her for ten years, but even the nanny’s sister is oblivious about Caroline’s identity.

Now, this funeral just got depressing. Will Caroline ever receive the closure she needs to move on?

2 Broke Girls will return next year on Monday nights!

Photos courtesy of CBS


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