'Black Swan' trainer Mary Helen Bowers is 39 weeks pregnant and still practicing ballet

By Amanda Stewart,

Mary Helen Bowers is 39 weeks pregnant, about to give birth, and has danced throughout her entire pregnancy.

Having an active pregnancy has become more and more popular in the year 2013. We’ve seen the pregnant mother doing cross-fit and now we see Bowers doing ballet with the agility and grace of a regular ballerina.

Bowers is well known for training Natalie Portman for her part in Black Swan and also training the Victoria’s Secret Angels to make them lean for the fashion shows.

The New York Daily News says that Bowers has danced with the New York City Ballet for ten years. With her doctor’s approval, Bowers has continued to dance and work out throughout her pregnancy and plans to continue right up until she gives birth.

Bowers told The Huffington Post that she has tried to embrace the changes that her body has gone through. Continuing ballet while pregnant has actually aided her in avoiding things like back pain and swelling throughout her pregnancy.

While Bowers has received plenty of support about her active pregnancy, many still critique the safety of her actions while pregnant.

Bowers is due next week and is working on developing a prenatal workout that she hopes will help other women. Bowers tells NY Daily News that she has had an unbelievably comfortable and delightful pregnancy.


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