Action star Jet Li treated for hyperthyroidism

By Daniel S Levine,

Action film star Jet Li revealed that he is being treated for hyperthyroidism, which he was diagnosed with back in 2010.

Li, 50, recently made the revelation during a Chinese talent show he hosts, reports StarPulse. He said that medication has helped him keep it in check, but he recently has been having problems with his fluctuating weight. Hyperthyroidism, or overactive thyroid, causes changes in metabolism and heart rate.

“I have hyperthyroidism, sometimes I'd lose 15 kilograms, sometimes I'd gain 15 kilograms. I'm really fat right now. That's a fact,” Li explained. He said that he hasn’t had a chance to lose the weight, noting that his medication “controls my heart rate, so I cannot exercise... I'll wait until the doctor says I can do simple exercises before slimming down.”

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Li often questions whether he can continue starring in big budget action films. “I'm in pain, but I'm not suffering. I'm happy,” he said during the TV show.

Although Li is going to fight the disease, he said that he’s not really like many of the characters he’s played on film. “I'm not a hero. I'm just like you,” Li said.

Li is well known for his martial arts skills and earned a breakthrough role in 1990’s Once Upon a Time in China. That lead to starring roles in Hollywood movies like Lethal Weapon 4 and Romeo Must Die. He recently appeared alongside his action star contemporaries in Expendables 2 and will be seen in that franchise’s third film next year.

image: Wikimedia Commons


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