AFI releases lists of top film and TV programs for 2013

By Kyle Johnson,

The American Film Institute released its annual top TV and movie lists for 2013 on Monday.

According to Deadline, each list is comprised of 10 films or TV shows and these lists often have several future Academy Award nominated films included. For 2012, AFI had eight of the nine films nominated on their list, with Amour being the only outlier. In 2011, they were again fairly close with eight.

"AFI Awards is a moment for the most accomplished storytellers of 2013 to pause and be appreciated - not as competitors, but as a community," AFI President and CEO Bob Gazzale said. "Acknowledging their collective contributions to America's rich cultural legacy is both AFI's national mandate - and our honor."

The lists are fairly unsurprising, especially for film as many other groups have already handed these films awards over the last couple of weeks and heavily overlap. The list of the top 10 AFI movies are: 12 Yeas a Slave, Captain Phillips, American Hustle, Gravity, Her, Fruitvale, Nebraska, Saving Mr. Banks, Inside Llewyn Davis and The Wolf of Wall Street, reports the Los Angeles Times.

The top 10 TV shows chosen are: Mad Men, House of Cards, Masters of Sex, The Americans, Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones. The Good Wife, Orange Is The New Black, Veep and Scandal.

The lists are put together by juries consisting of AFI members, critics, scholars and others. The top TV and films will be honored at a lunch on Jan. 10 in Los Angeles.

image: EPK.TV


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