Alabama politician wants to pass resolution to support Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson

By Daniel S Levine,

The Duck Dynasty scandal surrounding Phil Robertson’s controversial comments could soon be a topic of debate in the Alabama state legislature. Republican state Sen. Jerry Fielding said that he plans on introducing a resolution to voice official support for Robertson’s beliefs.

Fielding will introduce the symbolic resolution next month. He told CNN that the comments Robertson made to GQ are “supported by the biblical scriptures.” He added that, “For too long, the silent majority has remained silent when we ought to be speaking up” and that Robertson’s First Amendment right to express himself should be protected.

The senator has been talking with local media about the resolution for the past few days. “Biblically speaking, what Mr. Robertson's had to say is supported. I think the overwhelmingly majority of people need to speak up and out on these issues,” he told WRBC. He also told The Daily Home that many Alabamians support Robertson’s opinion.

According to Politico, Fielding did say that he doesn’t agree with Robertson’s coarse language or Robertson’s belief that African-Americans didn’t complain about mistreatment in Louisiana before the 1960s.

Robertson, who defended his comments during a bible study group, told GQ that he believes homosexuality is a sin. He was then suspended by A&E, which airs Duck Dynasty.

Fielding isn’t the only one who has voiced support for Robertson. Just after he was suspended, a petition called IStandWithPhil was launched and now has over 250,000 signatures.

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