Alabama Shakes ‘experiment’ on upcoming album

By Connor Murphy,

Soulful indie-rock band Alabama Shakes are working towards finalizing their sophomore album following the immense success of their debut album Boys & Girls. However, they find themselves experimenting on their sound and maturing from their debut, leaving a sense of anticipation for their fans.

In a recent interview with Miami New Times Alabama Shakes drummer Steve Johnson mentioned, “We just have a better grasp on what we're doing in the studio now. And as far as the songs go, I think a lot of people want to expect a Boys & Girls, Vol. II." He added, that what they've been writing is different and "I feel like we've progressed in growing as songwriters."

Through experience comes the ability to fine tune the details and leaves the world of music at your disposal. While many fans may want simply another clone copy of Boys & Girls it is difficult to expect them to be able to create a great album like that easily. Alabama Shakes find themselves developing and evolving off their debut album, as most bands tend to do.

The band is trying to keep expectations in check however. In an interview with NewsObserver, guitarist Heath Fogg stated on following the success of their debut album, “We never anticipated this happening and it would be unrealistic to expect that again. So our focus is on the future and making music that we love."

Fogg notes that the band does not aim to essentially rewrite another version of their hit song "Hold On."

It will prove tough to re-create the success Boys & Girls had for the band. While the members may have it in mind, they’ve developed a large fan base that will be eager to hear what the Alabama Shakes come up with next.

Alabama Shakes – “You Ain’t Alone”:

image: Wikimedia Commons


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