Alexander Skarsgard is a cold boy after trekking to the south pole with Walking With the Wounded

By Brenda Clemons,
Shared admiration for his fellow trekkers in message released by charity

Alexander Skarsgard told his mom that he is a "cold boy" in a message he sent to family and supporters just before reaching the south pole with the charity Walking with the Wounded.

In a message recorded right before he reached the pole, Skarsgard sent his love to his family, and shared his admiration for his fellow trekkers and asked for continued support of the cause. In the message posted on the Walking with the Wounded webpage, Skarsgard said that it was "bittersweet" to be coming to the end of the month-long trek and that he had great admiration for the wounded veterans he had been trekking with, which included a double amputee and a blind man.

He also sent his love to his family in Stockholm, Sweden and said that he would be joining them for the holidays: "Mom, please keep the fireplace going because your son is cold."

Three teams were involved, including one with Prince Harry. US magazine reports that Prince Harry is the first royal to reach the south pole. The three teams endured -30 degree temperatures with 50 mph winds while pulling heavily loaded sleighs.

image: Walking With The Wounded


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