Alzheimer's patient confesses to murdering her late husband

By Jessica Starks,

Carolyn Krizan-Wilson, a 71-year-old, who currently suffers from Alzheimer's disease and dementia, confessed to the 1985 shooting death of her husband, Roy McCaleb, in October of 2013.

According to ABC News, Krizan-Wilson previously told authorities that her late husband was killed by a homeless man who broke into their home. Although police were still skeptical of her story, she was never convicted because of a lack of evidence.

Linda Petty, Carolyn's sister, told KTRK-TV that everybody who was close to her knew that she killed her late husband, because she admitted to it years ago. Pamela McCaleb Nalley, Carolyn's daughter also spoke out. She said that after the death of her father, it was discovered that her mother was a bigamist, and Roy was actually her seventh husband. She was arrested as a result.

Because of Krizan-Wilson's heath, confession and the fact that there was no other evidence to go on, the trial was short and sweet: she was sentenced to six months in prison. Although her family believed that she deserved a more harsh sentence, they were satisfied that some form of justice was served.


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