Amanda Seyfried responds to TMZ’s ‘rape’ story about her dog

By Daniel S Levine,

There must not be much gossip for TMZ to report on in the last few days of the year. The site posted a picture of Amanda Seyfried and her dog that came under fire, since the headline suggested that the Les Miserables star’s dog was raping another dog and even the actress herself found the headline uncalled for.

On Monday, TMZ posted a picture of Seyfried and her beautiful dog, who was standing on its hind legs. The dog was in front of another dog and the gossip site ran the headline “Amanda Seyfried’s Dog Rapes Another Dog.” The site ran no text below the photo, giving no context.

That headline was slammed by Defamer and Gossip Cop notes that Seyfried herself came up with a funny response.

“@TMZ – The encounter between Finn and unnamed Labrador was consensual,” she tweeted. “#dangerouswordtomakelightof #hardhittingjournalism #Pulitzer.”

Seyfried, who starred in Lovelace in 2013, loves her dog so much that her Instagram page is dedicated to it.

image: NBC


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